Letter To a Senator


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Dear Senator:

As you consider climate change legislation,we, as leaders of scientific organisations, write to state the consensus scientific view. Observations throughout the world make it clear that climate change is occurring, and rigorous scientific research demonstrates that the greenhouse gases emitted by human activities are the primary driver. These conclusions are based on multiple independent lines of evidence, and contrary assertions are inconsistant with an objective assessment of the vast body of peer-reviewed science. Moreover, there is strong evidence that ongoing climate change will have broad impacts on society, including the global economy and on the environment. For the United States, climate change impacts include sea level rise for coastal states, greater threats of extreme weather events, and increased risk of regional water scarcity, urban heat waves, western wildfires and the disturbance of biological systems throughout the country. The severity of climate change impacts is expected to increase substantially in the coming decades.

If we are to avoid the most severe impacts of climate change, emissions of greenhouse gases must be dramatically reduced. In addition, adaption will be necessary to address those impacts that are already unavoidable. Adaption efforts include improved infrastructure design, more sustainable management of water and other natural resources, modified agricultural practices, and improved emergency responses to storms, floods, fires and heatwaves.

We in the scientific community offer our assistance to inform your deliberations as you seek to address the impacts of climate change. The conclusions in this paragraph reflect the scientific consensus represented by, for example, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and U.S. Global Change Research Program. Many scientific societies have endorsed these findings in their own statements, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society,American Geophysical Union, American Meteorological Society and American Statistical Association.

1200 New York Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20005 USA

  • American  Chemical Society
  • American Geophysical Union
  • American Institute of Biological Sciences
  • American Meteorological Society
  • American Society of Agronomy
  • American Society of Plant Biologists
  • American Statistical Association
  • Association of Ecosystem Research Centers
  • Botanical Society of America
  • Ecological Society of America
  • Natural Science Collection Alliance
  • Organisation of Biological Field Stations
  • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
  • Society of Systematic Biologists
  • Soil Science Society of America
  • University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
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Christopher Booker – Cherry Picker Extraordinaire


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Christopher Booker is a regular columnist in the Sunday Telegraph and his publisher styles him as the “most conspicuous ‘global warming sceptic’ in the British press”. His interests, however, are not limited to denying the existence of global warming as he likes to challenge the scientific consensus on a wide range of issues.

He asserted that scientific research showed that passive smoking has “little or no effect on health at all” – that there is “not a scrap of firm scientific evidence ” to justify statements that BSE can be transmitted to humans from cows and that white asbestos “poses no measurable risk to health” He has also been highly critical of journalists who have reported the scientific consensus on key public health issues and on matters relating to Global Warming. This is all from a journalist who had NO scientific background in any subject.

He has attacked the BBC for sending out a”farrago of convenient untruths” on global warming and believes that the Met Office has been hijacked to “become one of the world’s major propaganda engines for the belief in man-made global warming”. In 2008, Booker dismissed scientific findings that sea ice had reached the lowest level in recorded history by pointing out that the ‘ice expanded again between September and January’. In response, George Monbiot asked how “The Sunday Telegraph continues to employ a man who cannot tell the difference between summer and winter” Booker has been criticised by a range of experts from different disciplines in the scientific community The science journalist, Philip Ball has described Booker’s science writing as “bunk”.

Check out George Monbiot’s blogs on Booker – ‘ In December 2009, Booker and his  long-term collaborator Richard North claimed that the head of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Rajendra Pachauri, had been making “millions of dollars” from dodgy business dealings, which caused a conflict of interest with his official role. These claims were completely untrue: in the period in question Pachauri had earned his annual salary of £45,000, plus a maximum of £2,174 for articles, speaking fees and lectures, and nothing else. Neither Booker and North nor anyone else at the paper contacted Pachauri to check these claims before publishing them. After exhaustive attempts to get the false claims corrected by the paper, Pachauri found he had no option but to instruct a firm of libel lawyers. By the time it eventually backed down, the Sunday Telegraph had a six-figure bill for costs.’


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Cardinal Pell’s Speech On Climate Change

Three Knitting Yarn Sheep

It is true, without doubt, that we all have the right to question and  challenge all information that is presented to us in one media format or another. WE ARE NOT SHEEP. However, this should be done in an informed, unbiased, truthful way without hidden agendas.

Hence why it seemed very curious that Lord Nigel Lawson’s climate skeptic think-tank, The Global Warming Policy Foundation, would choose Cardinal George Pell to give its annual lecture in 2011. The lecture was titled – ‘One Christian Perspective on Climate Change.  First of all, after trawling through his biography, he has absolutely no academic/scientific  experience related to the topic of climate change. However, what he does have is an affinity with the climate change deniers of the Foundation and a well-honed ability to mis-inform, as does the Foundation.

Leading climate change researchers launched a scathing attack on his speech, describing it as “dreadful, “utter rubbish” and “flawed” Professor Chris Turney, ARC Laureate Fellow in Climate Change at the University of New South Wales, commented, “It’s all dreadful stuff, cherry picking statements to suit a belief which just doesn’t stack up against the weight of scientific evidence.” During the speech Pell claimed that global warming had “stopped”, that CO2 was “not a pollutant, but part of the stuff of life” and that if carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was doubled, then “plants would love it”. On a claim that the world had “cooled slightly” since 1998, Andy Pitman [Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate System Science] commented: “Whether it did or did not warm in a 10-year period is utterly irrelevant to global warming which is a multi-decadal phenomenon described by climatological timescales”. Pell has obviously been told this but his statements continue to confuse climate CHANGE with climate VARIABILITY.”

Prior to the Cardinals lecture in London, Tim Stephens [ABC Religion And Ethics 11th Nov 2011] supplied his office with a summery of the peer-reviewed climate change papers published since 2009, and offered to provide him with the full text of any he was interested in from the University Sydney Library. He also loaned the Cardinal a copy of Professor David Archer’s book, Global Warming: Understanding The Forecast. However, all were dismissed by the Cardinal. Rather than referring to any one of the many hundreds of articles on climate change published in the world’s leading scientific journals the Cardinal simply repeats  the sceptical talking points of prominent climate change skeptics, all of whom have been repeatedly shown to have little or no credibility in climate science. Regrettably the Cardinal seemed totally disinterested in mainstream science – not one merited a mention in his lecture.

It is no surprise that every major national and international science academy, including the Pontifical Academy of Sciences , have warned that the world is warming and that human activity is the main driver. Other church leaders have also accepted this reality. “The implications of climate change are indeed truly startling. And how the world will address it raises legitimate political, economic, moral and indeed theological questions.”  ”If  Cardinal Pell wished to make a contribution to moral and theological dimensions of climate change then he would be well placed to do so. However, such a contribution must be based on science, not science fiction.” [Tim Stephens - ABC Religion And Ethics 11th Nov. 2011]

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The Truth Behind Nigel Lawson’s ‘Global Warming Policy Foundation’

Pig eating


[At this moment in time extinction6.com is unable to pay the high cost of buying expensive images for many of our articles - so we use whatever is available]


Nigel Lawson is Chairman of the Global Warming Policy Foundation and according to  it’s Homepage:

  • On climate science, our members and supporters cover a broad range of different views, from the IPCC position through agnosticism to outright scepticism. We have also encouraged the media to become more balanced in its coverage of Climate Change.   SHEER HYPOCRISY!

This website consistently rejects the mainstream scientific view that human emissions of greenhouse gases represent a significant risk to the planet. There are no balanced views, as article after article refute the validity of most scientific reports. Here are some of his quotes

  •  ”I think that the ordinary bloke has an instinctive sense that it wouldn’t be too bad if the weather warmed up,”
  •  Sir Nicholas Stern’s report, which he compares to the Iraq “dodgy dossier”: “It was essentially a propaganda exercise”.
  •  The IPCC, the UN body whose work represents the synthesis of present scientific understanding, is “something like a politically correct alarmist pressure group”.
  •   ”Al Gore is obviously just a propagandist”
  •   ”global warming … is not at the present time happening”
  •   ”They cheat … I tell you how they cheat.”


  •  ”Global warming is a new religion and blasphemy against that religion is not a laughing matter,” he claims. “There is a great gap in Europe with the decline in any real belief in Marxism and any real belief in Christianity. This has filled that vacuum.”
  •   ”The high tide of unthinking adherence to this new religion has been reached and I think it may well be in the coming years the tide will gradually recede but it will be a very glacial progress.”
  •  ’Sir David Attenborough is one of our finest journalists and a great expert on animal life. Unfortunately, however, when it comes to global warming he seems to prefer sensation to objectivity.What will happen in the future is inevitably unclear. But two things are clear. First, that Sir David’s alarmism is sheer speculation. Second, that if there is a resumption of warming, the only rational course is to adapt to it, rather than to try (happily a lost cause) to persuade the world to impoverish itself by moving from relatively cheap carbon-based energy to much more expensive non-carbon energy.’
  •  ”It is completely false. The number and strength of tropical storms over the last decades has not increased, even if the insurance companies always claim to the contrary in order to justify their increasing premiums.”
  • Countries like China and India should not wean themselves off fossil fuels under any circumstances because it would put their economic development in jeopardy. Fossil fuels are and will remain the most efficient.”

What IS behind this Global Warming Policy Foundation? – read Unmasking The Global Warming Policy Foundation

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Camels And Zebras Have a Place In Circuses Says MP


According to Anne McIntosh, who chairs the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs committee, government plans to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses has gone “too far”.  She stated that, “We believe that there should be a ban on big cat species and elephants, but it is possible to argue that, for example, camels, zebra or snakes can continue to have a place in the travelling circus,”

First of all it would be interesting to know the in-depth studies that members of her committee [or herself] have conducted in order to come to this conclusion. Or,perhaps, the animal welfare organisations they have consulted who share their point of view.
Well, here is not a subjective, ill-informed point of view but rather the truth:
[1] In the wild, animals react to their surroundings, avoiding predators, seeking food and interacting with others of their species as well as other species. Consequently the limited living spaces in travelling circuses are completely impoverished in terms of the animals’ real needs.
[2] Frustration and boredom are commonplace amongst animals in zoos and circuses and can lead to obsessive behaviours in the form of pacing, swaying, and even self-mutilation. This is known as stereotypic behaviour and such pointless, repetitive movements have also been noted in people with mental illness.
[3] Zebras in  circuses become overweight as the grass they are given is higher in calories than the grass of the African savannah. The resulting obesity can make the animal susceptible to nutritional illness.Animals who would normally roam for tens of miles a day tread the same few paces daily.
[4] Camels used for entertainment are often subjected to abuse. Captivity can be hell FOR ALL ANIMALS meant to roam free. Performing animals often suffer from malnutrition, loneliness, the denial of all normal pleasures and behaviours, loss of freedom and independence, even lack of veterinary care and filthy quarters.Without exercise, they become listless, their immune systems are weakened, and they become prone to sickness.
[5] Circuses are not educational. Children should learn about wild animals in their natural habitat not doing banal, repetitive tricks in order to earn money for circus owners.
Saying that circuses are not suitable places for lions, tigers and elephants but are suitable places for zebras and camels is outrageous and ill-informed. Also the idea that they would be protected by strict licencing is a farce. The cases of animal abuse that have been discovered in circuses even though ‘strict licencing’ has been in place are very many. Anyway licencing is irrelevant  - WILD ANIMALS OF ANY TYPE SHOULD NOT BE IN CIRCUSES – FULL STOP.


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“Moon Bear” Documentary

asiatic black bear

Moon Bears are cruelly farmed in China for their bile. Although this is a legal practice in China, many  people are outraged about the cruel treatment of these endangered animals. Recently, one particular form of activism has been gaining increased interest. The “Moon Bear” documentary, created by Chinese journalist Xiong Junhui, received over a million views within 24 hours of its publishing online. It was also awarded the “Best Educational Value” film at the China Ya’an International Panda, Animals and Nature Film Week.

Posing as tourists, Xiong Junhui and two friends, Chen Yuan Zhong and Tu Qiao, traveled to several of the dozens of bear farms throughout China to capture visual proof of the inhumanity. The video shows bears caged in small crates and many had metal contraptions fastened to their body for extraction purposes.

The film has received support from animal activists worldwide who wish to end the torture of over 10,000 captive moon bears. However, Chinese pharmaceutical companies are prepared to fight back. Pharmacists claim that forcing a hole into the abdomen of the bears is like “piercing people’s ears.” Guizhentang Pharmaceuticals wants to list on the Chinese stock exchange in order to fund the farming for an increased number of bears.

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Another Story From The World of The Ringling Bros. Circus Farce

Watching Clown

Ponder this! If you have circuses that use and abuse wild animals, what are you going to do when the animal [let's take elephants, for example]s are too old or sick to continue the nightly abuse of putting on shows for  humans. How are you going to replace them. Look no further than Ringling Bros., they have the answer. Pretend to be deeply interested in,for example, Asian elephant conservation and open a breeding centre for elephants which can be used as a never-ending supply of new elephants for your circuses. WOW!

Yet again, they wax lyrical about their committment to the conservation of Asian elephants, “A lifelong symbol of he Greatest Show On Earth – the Asian elephant, is a respected and revered member of the Ringling Bros. family. In the interest of the species present and future wellbeing, the Ringling Bros & Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation, was established in 1995. Located in central Florida, this 200-acre, $5 million dollar, state-of-the-art facility, is dedicated to the conservation, breeding and understanding of these amazing animals.”

In modern debates about wildlife conservation certain values have become increasingly important. One focus is on animal welfare — the wellbeing of individual wild animals (e.g., in terms of animals’ flourishing, or suffering). There are also concerns about protecting species or populations of wild animals, about protecting the ecosystems of which wild animals form a part, and about protecting wild nature itself (Sandøe & Christiansen 2008).

What Ringling Bros are doing in their “conservation centre” has nothing to do with the above. They are not interested in returning any elephants to the wild or allowing them to live as natural a live as possible, allowing them to flourish rather than suffer. Their aim is to produce a factory line of new elephants to supply their circuses. FULL STOP. If they had a 1% interest in the welfare of wild animals, they would remove all wild animals from their circuses immediately.

What I find very curious is the fact that on the website for their “conservation centre”, there is a list of elephants who have died over the years:

Name                    Age                     Sex                      Reason for Death

Susan                   61                    Female            Euthanasia due to declining  health

Sid                       45                    Female             Euthanasia due to declining  health

Minyak              45                     Female               Euthanasia due to declining health

Banana             55                     Female               Euthanasia due to declining health

Sian                   60                   Female                Euthanasia due to declining health

Lutzi                 61                    Female                Euthanasia due to declining health

Josky         no age given       Female                 Euthanasia due to declining health   [necropsy performed]

Calcutta           62                  Female                 Euthanasia due to declining health  [necropsy performed]

India               55                  Female                  Euthanasia due to declining health


Why are there only females on the list?

Why isn’t there any specific illnesses given for the causes of death?

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Ringling Bros. Circus – USA- A Work Of Art In Hypocrisy and Lies


It is blindingly obvious that bears, elephants, tigers and other animals do not ride bicycles, stand on their heads, balance on balls or jump through rings of fire in the wild. They do these things in captivity because they are not given a choice, they do these things because they are afraid of what will happen if they don’t.

According to investigations and articles to be found on the web, the Ringling Bros. circus’s treatment of animals defies description. Elephant’s natural behaviour has nothing to do with being relentlessly and cruely trained day after day, week after week, month after months to perform tricks. Elephant’s natural behaviour has nothing to do with traveling day after day to new venues, shackled and restrticted, subjected day after day to exactly the same cruel and disgusting routines. Yet if you venture onto the Ringling Bros. website, you are subjected to the most amazing quantity of lies and propaganda. An example:

” Our peforming animals serve as ambassadors for their species. Performance routines are created to showcase the animal’s natural physical abilities and beauty, as well as their distinctive behaviour” [Ringling Bros. Circus website]

Circuses easily get away with routine abuse because no government agency monitors training sessions. Undercover video footage of animal training sessions has shown that elephants are beaten with bullhooks and shocked with electric prods, big cats are dragged by heavy chains around their necks and hit with riding crops.

Constant travel means that animals are confined to boxcars, trailers, or trucks for days at a time in extremely hot and cold weather, often without access to basic necessities such as food, water and veterinary care. Elephants, big cats, bears and primates are confined to cramped and filthy cages in which they drink, eat, sleep, defecate and urinate – all in the same place.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum& Bailey Circus boasts that its three units travel more than 25,000 miles as the circus tours the country for 11 months each year. Ringling’s own documents reveal that on average, elephants are chained for more than 26 hours straight and are sometimes continually chained for as many as 60 to 100 hours. Tigers and lions usually live and travel in cages that provide barely enough room for the animals to turn around, often with two big cats crammed into a single cage. In July 2004, Clyde, a young lion traveling with Ringling, died in a poorly ventilated boxcar while the circus was crossing the Mojave Desert, where temperatures reached at least 100 degrees F. Previously, two tigers with Ringling injured themselves trying to escape from their cages in an overheated boxcar.

Yet again, the Ringling Bros propoganda machine is at work,  under the heading – Animal Transport  their website says- “Large private trains…meet the needs of each animal specie.” etc etc etc etc etc etc

The Dutch government is the latest to announce a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses [29th October 2012] It is a cruel and vile business that needs to be stopped.




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Dolphin Demise


Dolphins, dolphins, what can I say? Cute and crazy, creative and kind! But people have been horrid and break the dolphin’s spirit by catching and caging them. Dolphins  give each over a kiss before the dolphin shows go and then they get fiddled and played with, like an old rag doll. They shouldn’t be in the shows., but if they got taken from the sea,what a cruel destiny. Don’t be a bully to the man brain living thing! I like the film, A Dolphin’s Tale because he got startled by a shark, but  they love to live in the deep blue sea. Don’t be a bully, turning them into money.

~by Georgina Hebson~

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Coca-Cola Crap

faucet water

The Coca-Cola Company are a prime example of corporate hypocrisy. They pledge to help protect the iconic polar bear, but at the same time they continue to be one of the worst environmentally destructive corporations in the underdeveloped world.

This poses, at least, two questions:

  • Should Coca-Cola exploit an emotional campaign to help save polar bears while at the same time, depleting water resources and exploiting workers in developing countries?

Should the World Wildlife Fund Canada be taking money from a corporation that destroys the environment and wildlife in other parts of the world?

Coke – which sells 1.7 billion drinks a day has been listed among the world’s worst corporations more than once.

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